NUtec Amethyst A50-HYB-OC UV inkt

NUtec Amethyst A50-HYB-OC is a premium quality hybrid UV ink optimised for use on printers with a wide range of rigid and roll-to-roll applications. It is a wide format ink that cures with LED as well as Mercury Vapour UV lamps.

  • 2 liter bottles
  • For Roll-to-Roll and Rigid Medias
  • Developed for LED and Mercury Vapour UV Lamps
  • Good Gloss Levels
  • Excellent Media Adhesion
  • Supported by NUtec Digital’s Ink Delivery System Warranty
  • Colors: C,M,Y,K,White

2 liter bottle (C,M,Y,K) A50-HYB-OC UV inkt inclusief chip, 260,- euro Ex BTW

1 liter bottle White A50-HYB-OC UV inkt inclusief chip, 140,- euro Ex BTW

NUtec Flushing Fluid CMF UV

Is more suitable across a broader range of competitor inks and fully compatible with NUtec’s new
generation A15 & A56-MP-F&F and A56-XMP inks and the existing A50-MP and A50-MPX A50-HYB-OC inks.

1 liter bottle Cleaning Flush, 80,- euro ex BTW

  • CMF UV Flushing Fluid is the recommended preparation fluid to use when doing conversions from competitors’ to UV NUtec ink as it is a more universal solution.
  • Has a very slow evaporation rate therefore is good for a number of uses:
  • For wiping of faceplates
  • For head storage fluid when shipping print heads for recovery
  • An excellent storage fluid in the ink delivery system when shipping machines to customers.
  • Any residual flush in a system will have less impact on the first inks ejected from the
  • Print heads when starting up a machine.
  • An excellent fluid for capping purposes.
  • New printhead preparation fluid before loading ink.