Mutoh DS3 Black 1000gr

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1Mutoh DS3 Black 1000gr

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DS3-Series All-Round HC Dye Sublimation inks

Mutoh DS3 Series inks are all-round dye sublimation inks with increased colour density. DS3 inks are compatible with both coated and uncoated sublimation papers and will also allow direct print onto polyester fabrics. The inks give excellent image definition and sharpness and are specifically designed to ensure optimum print reliability with Mutoh’s latest genera- tion AccuFine piezo drop on demand print heads. The wide colour gamut achieves very vivid, bright colours and ensures good fastness results. The increased amount of colorant (HC) in the ink reduces the ink consumption, facilitates drying and ensures compatibility with lightweight papers.

Printer Compatibility

Mutoh DS3 inks are tailored to the XpertJet series printers: XPJ-1642WR and XPJ-1682WR.
The DS3 inks are also compatible with VJ-1604WX, VJ-1624WX, VJ-1638WX, VJ-1924W, VJ-1938WX, VJ-1948WX, VJ-2638X dye sub version and DrafStation RJ-900X-U1 models.

Applications & Substrates

The DS3 all-round HC inks are suited for sublimation onto polyester or mixed fibre(*) fabrics for the production of garments, furnishings, graphic arts, interior textiles, flags and household items. They can also be used for transfer onto polyester coated objects, e.g. mugs, plates, magnets, wood, place mats, ChromaLuxe® plates, tiles, mirrors, acrylic glass, metal, nylon, lighters, pens and CDs. The DS3 inks will also print directly onto closed coated polyester fabrics or mixed fibres. (*)

(*) As a guideline, a minimum PES content of 65% is recommended. The higher the PES content, the better the finished result. To be judged in combination with your target fabric and application.


DS3 inks are shipped in convenient, degassed 1000 gram pouches ensuring easy handling, clean operation and stable, reliable jetting. To mount the ink pouches into Mutoh printers, XpertJet ink cases (INKCASE-1000) or ValueJet ink adapters (VJ-HCIPADPT) are required.

Application – Guidelines

A calendar or heat press can be used for sublimation.
Before passing the paper through the calendar or heat press for transfer, ensure the sublimation paper is dry.
The typical transfer temperature is between 195°-220°C with a corresponding exposure time of 30 seconds or longer. Sublima- tion times and temperatures may vary depending on the paper type and the type and nature of the fabric or coated material you are transferring to.

If direct printing to closed PES fabric, Mutoh recommends a final wash to achieve a softer finish and to increase general fastness. Washing will allow removal of the thickeners contained in the fabric pre-treatment and will remove any excessive colorant which was not completely fixed.

First Ink Installation

Mutoh water-based printers are pre-flushed with water-based storage liquid in the factory so pre-flushing before loading the initial inkset is not required.

Shelf Life – Shipping – Storing – Using

The shelf life of the ink is 12 months.

Ship and store the ink under following conditions:
– Recommended shipping temperature: +5° – +35°C
– Keep the ink in a cool, dry area, above the floor and away from direct sunlight.

Please use the ink in the following environmental conditions in combination with Mutoh XPJ-Series printers:

– Recommended temperature: 20°-28°C
– Recommended humidity: 40-60% RH (non-condensing)