Mutoh RJ80DS1-100-MA

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Mutoh RJ80DS1-100-MA

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High Speed Water Based Disperse Dye Inks for Transfer Paper Printing.

Mutoh disperse dye inks (RJ80DS1-100-series) have been developed for printing on transfer paper & transfer to polyester fabrics & mixed fibre fabrics (minimum 80 % polyester) or to coated polyester objects. The inks can also be used for direct printing onto polyester fabrics. After printing with this ink type onto transfer paper or polyester fabrics, a sublimation follow-up treatment(transfer) is required, through high pressure and temperature (calender), to fix the colours. When printing directly onto polyester fabrics with this ink type and after sublimation, the fabric needs to be washed before use, to remove the brownish dispersant and to fully release the vibrant colours typical forsublimation inks. Mutoh’s High Speed Water-Based Disperse Dye inks come in 4 colours (CMYK) and are available in 1 literbottles. They are 100 % VOC free and do not contain any hazardous components.