XL7920GF Heavy Duty


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XL7920GF Heavy Duty

BB7920GF Heavy duty laminaat Glans

Dikte is 300 micron

Wordt oa veel gebruikt in de motorcross

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XL7920GF is a 300my flexible gloss clear polymeric overlaminate offering, UV protection. This film is designed for use as a protective overlaminating film on the EXTREEM. Recommended for the powersport, graphic and decal markets. This product is formulated for exceptional clarity and durability.

XL7920GF is intended for use as the overlaminating film on EXTREEM 100my. This overlaminate and vinyl combination is used for a variety of Quads, Snowmobiles, Motocross, Powersport Vehicles, Helmets and Carts. The adhesive system is formulated to adhere to most common solvent, eco-solvent, latex, thermal, UV, offset and screen inks. However, specific formulations must be tested before use. Some ink may contain excessive flow additives that could reduce adhesion of this product. Testing is always suggested before production. Specifically test applications to gas tanks.